Saturday, February 18th, 2017 • 21th Annual Desert Classic Duathlon

Your Multisport Season Starts Now.

Desert Classic Duathlon is now the yearly kickoff of the Southwest Multisport Series (SWMS), joining Rocky Point Triathlon, Tempe International Triathlon, and the brand-new Swim/Run & Triathlon series coming to Lake Pleasant. SWMS ’17 will be announced shortly on ADV.FIT

2017 Desert Classic Duathlon features a new, rugged 5k run course that is entirely off-road, and a fast road bike course with beautiful views of Fountain Hills and Rio Verde’s acclaimed “9 Mile Hill.”


Over the past 21 years DCD has attracted Ironman & Xterra World Champs, Olympic Triathlon & Cycling Gold Medalists, and thousands of athletes from all over the southwest including AZ, CA, & NV multisport clubs. We’re proudly continuing that prestigious position as the official multisport season kickoff, and are committed to delivering a challenging and exciting duathlon to kick the southwest into gear for years to come!

Feb 18th, 2017, McDowell Mountain Park

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Course Maps

Desert Classic Duathlon consists of 2 off-road runs of 3.17 miles and a 24 mile road bike course.

3.17 miles off-road • 24 mile road bike • 3.17 miles off-road

NOTE: There will be no mountain-bike version in 2017.

Transition Area

The transition area is on dirt, and so is all of the running. Prepare to be dry and dusty amigos! Run In & Out are located on the west side of the transition area, Bike In & Out are located on the east side, this avoids any cross-over during the bike and run legs.


Run Course

The same 3.17 mile trail run course is used for BOTH run segments. This is a NEW course for 2017, featuring some beautiful singletrack and 258 feet of climbing; trail shoes are absolutely recommended.

There will be no water stations on the course,carrying at least 16oz of water is mandatory for BOTH run loops.

Run: 3.17 Miles, Off-Road

The new run course does not use McDowell Mountain Park Road at all, and is entirely on the trails. With over 250 feet of climbing and some technical climbing and descending on single track, this is one of the most challenging run courses Desert Classic Duathlon has ever offered.

There are NO AID STATIONS during the off-road run, you are required to carry at least 16oz of water with you on both run loops. Staff and volunteers will be on-course for safety and to provide directions, and will be equipped with radios to contact emergency staff. Take precautions for severe desert conditions and be alert for wild animals including snakes. Toughen up buttercup, this is a wild west duathlon.

Road Bike: 24 Miles, Road

Though the transition area is on dirt – your pretty road bike will get dusty, get used to it – the bike course is entirely on-road with the mount/dismount area on McDowell Mountain Park Dr. The bike course is 24 miles in length with a double out & back design. The first out & back is to the south for approximately 4 miles, and the north out & back covers about 20 miles, including almost half of “9 Mile Hill” on Rio Verde Rd.

One lap of this 24-mile road bike course.
Out of transition, turn right onto McDowell Mountain Park Dr, and then right again onto McDowell Mountain Road, where you will continue south for 2 miles, turning around at the police barricade. Travel north on McDowell Mountain Road for approximately 4 miles before turning left on Forest Road for approximately 2 miles, then left on Rio Verde Road for slightly over 4 miles until the turnaround at the police barricade. Return to the transition area, turning right off McDowell Mountain Road onto McDowell Mountain Park Dr. NOTE: On the return loop, do not continue to travel south past McDowell Mountain Park Dr to the first turnaround.


Run: 3.17 Miles, Off-Road

Same song, just one more verse. Once again, you’ll tackle the same off-road trail run following the same course. Carrying at least 16oz of water in mandatory for both run legs. If you are not carrying a water bottle heading out onto either lap of the run course, you will be stopped and required to fill one up.


McDowell Mountain Regional Park

McDowell Mountain Park •  16300 McDowell Mountain Park Dr.  •  MMRP, AZ 85255   •  Phone: (480) 471-0173

Participants are responsible for obtaining their own parking pass at the gate ($6/car).


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2013 Results


So, why are there no 2014 results? A monsoon washed it out!